In January of 2020, the Nebraska Trucking Association health benefits alliance officially launched with the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska as the carrier. The alliance consists of employers in the trucking industry pooling together to obtain affordable health insurance coverage on terms similar to those currently available only to large employers. The alliance continues to grow and offers affordable group coverage to small employers all across Nebraska that may not qualify for this type of coverage on their own. Below is an outline of the eligibility requirements:

  • Any Nebraska employer with a DOT number, at least one truck that is used as an essential part of its business, and at least two employees qualifies to enroll (family run business and husband / wife groups of at least 2 are eligible as long as both work for the company and enroll separately)
  • Minimum participation requirements – you can enroll with only one employee accepting coverage as long as this is not less than 25% of those eligible for coverage
  • Independent Contractor employees are eligible to enroll as long as they do not make up more than 50% of the entire group.

The NTA health insurance alliance has 7 plan options with multiple networks so many options to choose from. There are eight rating tiers based on the health status of the group. Five of the rating tiers are priced at or below both group and individual ACA rates so many savings opportunities exist.

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