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As everyone has learned in recent times, when the world stops, trucks and truckers keep rolling. For more than 80 years, the Nebraska Trucking Association has been advocating for and promoting the trucking industry in Nebraska. We represent more than 860 companies from every part of the state. Our more than 500 motor carrier members range from many single-truck owner-operators, all the way to some of the nation’s largest companies.

The trucking industry employs 1 in 12 Nebraskans, making it the third largest industry in the state. Truckers carry more than 82-percent of all the freight in Nebraska, and about half of the state’s communities get everything they need only from a truck. When it comes to paying our way, the trucking industry in Nebraska paid 47-percent of all taxes owed by motorists in the state, even though trucks represent only 9-percent of all vehicle miles traveled here. When the Nebraska Grain and Feed Association dissolved in 2021, the Nebraska Trucking Association stepped in and formed the Agricultural Commodities and Marketers Council to ensure that the interests of agricultural transportation remained well represented and cared for across the state.

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