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Your employees count on the safest possible situation at work and you are a big part of that culture. The Nebraska Trucking Association Safety Management Council takes collective knowledge from the Cornhusker state’s best trucking experts and creates opportunities to share safety between companies. 

events coordinated by SMC every year

2019 Neb crashes caused by heavy trucks

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Tisha Gropp

Safety Manager Crete Carrier 

“We’re here to educate and empower those in the safety field to make decisions within their realm of qualifications and to let our industry partners know that there are resources for them and where to find those resources. Everyone starts somewhere and we want to help move those people in the right direction.”

Lucas Mowrey

Safety Director, Grand Island Express

“There is no load so important it can’t be delivered safely.”

Mike Heglin

AmeriClaim of Nebraska/Western Iowa

“Stay safe and be safe in all you do!”

Brett Kleier

Operations Supervisor Chief Carriers, Inc.

In my new roll I am more more involved in day to day Operations as a whole vs Saftey focused only. I being a broad experience base in multiple types of transportation. I am always Safety minded and willing to help every time I can with anyone needing it.

Growing with SMC

The Safety Management Council brings great educational, professional development and networking opportunities.  Many SMC members have participated for years and eventually became leaders.  Email [email protected] if you’d like to get involved.

Heath Richards

Director of Safety, Hunt Transportation

There is a competitive nature in everyone, however the one common item we all work towards instead of competing against is SAFETY. Doesn’t matter if your one truck fleet, 125 truck fleet, or 6,200 truck fleet, safety is something we all work together on.  It is vital that the transportation industry  uses its asset’s and resources to help one another reach the ultimate goal of zero fatalities. The transportation industry prides itself on being the best and most respected industry.  Through trails and tribulations we can share with each other our best practices to achieve that ultimate goal of zero fatalities.  Nothing about safety should be proprietary or confidential, and the Nebraska Safety Management Council strives to bring the knowledge and experience to all its members and the general public to ensure the best practices of safety are being used throughout the industry. I enjoy being a part of the SMC mainly for the outreach it has to be able to reach out to every size carrier and educate on the importance of Safety.  Through our Lunch and Learn program, and our annual Safety summit, you can witness carriers of all sizes networking on what works and what hasn’t worked, because at the end of the day we all want everyone safe and to return home to their families.   I look forward to seeing you at an event soon !

Raul Soria

Director of Safety, Hill Brothers Transportation, Inc.

“Committed to providing Commercial Motor Vehicle Operators with the Highway and Employee Safety knowledge to effectively lead their organization and provide them with the resources needed to Safely deliver all of the essential products we rely and depend on.”

Jim Edsall

Corporate Safety Manager, Werner Enterprises

“Think Safety. Drive Safely. Arrive Safe.  The reason why I like this saying is due to the meaning of each segment. When you “Think Safety” you’re thinking of how to protect yourself and others on the roadway.  When you “Drive Safely” you’re applying what you’re thinking and the outcome of doing the first two items are that you “Arrive Safe.”

Brian Gronenthal

Safety Director Fremont Contract Carriers

“Get Out And Look” GOAL – You, as the driver are 100% responsibile for safely backing your vehicle SO always check around your vehicle before backing and avoid an accident.  Be on the lokout for pedestrians, road hazards and any objects you can see in your mirros.  Backing is one of the most dangerous and potentially expensive maneuvers that drivers make on a daily basis. Backing accidents cause approximately 500 deaths and 15,000 injuries per year.

Let’s do this, together

There’s strength in numbers and when members of the Nebraska Trucking Association collaborate like we do through the SMC, powerful things happen.

This council is for the fleet safety professional who wants to improve their safety management skills, stay current on new regulations and trends, network with other safety professionals in the trucking industry, and promote highway safety and sharing the roads.

Activities include:

  • educational programs to enhance fleet safety management skills (regular monthly meetings are held the second Thursday of the month, September through May)
  • coordinating efforts to interest people in truck driving careers
  • volunteering for public safety outreach projects
  • organizing the Nebraska Truck Driving Championships
  • recognizing top performers with annual awards for fleets, safety directors and drivers, as well as a Driver of the Month recognition program