Tracy Jahnel, Sterling Transportation Services, Controller

What are some of your duties?

Manage all business operations of our organization, budgets, forecasting, financial reporting, oversight of IT, compliance, IRP, IFTA.

What do you enjoy the most about your job or working in this industry?

I enjoy learning and evolving in an ever-changing environment to service our customers.

What led you to choose the trucking industry as a career?

I took a chance that I could learn the industry when I started working at Sterling 14 years ago.  I came into the industry with a diverse background with years of business experience as well as a lifetime of personal experience in agriculture.  This blend of life experience helped me hit the ground running at Sterling as we specialize in bulk agriculture transportation.

Wisdom you would like to pass on to other women in the trucking industry.

I guess my advice would be, to not be afraid to try a career in transportation.  The old stigmas/perceptions that transportation is an industry just for men is long gone.  If you are dependable, professional and do a good job you will succeed in the industry, no matter if you are a driver, technician, business office staff person, dispatcher or an owner.  The industry is rapidly growing and evolving, and you can find a very fulfilling career with an organization.   Not to mention that many if not most transportation companies are very involved in giving back to the communities.