Sue Pirnie, Grand Island Express

What are some of your duties? Biweekly newsletter each month. Articles are submitted by our managers, four or five different areas per newsletter. Drivers are kept up to date on what is going on with our business, updated on changes to insurance, payroll, employees are highlighted on accomplishments for highest mileage, safe miles driven, awards, plus what may be going on in the shop. The newsletter also includes employees birthdays, work anniversary, and other family happenings as loss of a love one, graduation, new arrivals, and the “stripped gear” area – jokes.

What do you enjoy the most about your job or working in this industry? I’ve been in the family owned trucking business for over 49 years. Over the years, I’ve worked in a few areas: billing, drivers’ settlements, dispatch, and producing the newsletter. There have been so many things that the trucking industry can hand you, but I enjoy working with the drivers and getting to know their family. Our company works to have a family atmosphere and work to strive to have everyone involved. I have always been grateful for the trust and confidence people have had in me to give me a job. In each position, I’ve been driven by a desire to learn, a wish to do good, and the ability to have a positive impact.

What led you to choose the trucking industry as a career? My first job out of business school was working in transportation. While dating my husband (Tom) I asked his dad for a job. My start in the trucking industry starts with working for an LTL company which was Arrow Freight Lines at the time. After the business was sold, I moved on to work for our other trucking company, Grand Island Express, Inc.

Wisdom you would like to pass on to other women in the trucking industry. There is a career in trucking.  Go for it! It’s not just for men. A woman, if driver or office employee, can find their right area of interest. It is a fantastic opportunity to not only support women drivers, but to also support a positive force in the transportation industry. By entering the transportation industry, women have the opportunity to earn financial stability while playing a crucial role in the success of the American economy.