Driver of the Month
Kent Grisham

NTA Advocacy Committee

State Senators in the Nebraska Legislature are well into their hearings and debates, having made it through their 10-day bill introduction period during which they collectively introduced more than 590 bills. That number doesn’t even include the number of Legislative Resolutions brought forward. And all of that is meant to fit into the short session, which is set to end mid-April. Most of those bills won’t see the light of day, but the sheer magnitude of it is hard to imagine, and I’ve been around the legislative process for more than 30 years.

Our Advocacy Committee met with Jack Peetz, our advisor and former NTA Chairman, and me last week to review bills that are of higher concern for our industry. To be clear, our level of activity with these bills ranges from simply contacting the introducing Senator, submitting letters to committees, or providing formal testimony in hearings.

Jack and I are actively engaged and watching the progress on these and other bills as they make it through the system. I encourage you to do the same and reach out to either of us, or any member of the Advocacy Committee, with any questions or comments.


Listed below are the newly introduced bills upon which we are taking a position of either “support” or “oppose.”

LB719 Morfeld Change provisions under the Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Act relating to physicians, compensation, and benefits and require cost-of-living adjustments and payment for interpreter services Oppose


LB720 Albrecht Adopt changes to federal law regarding motor vehicles and motor carriers Support


LB750 Friesen Change provisions relating to transfer-on- death motor vehicle certificates of title, the Motor Vehicle Certificate of Title Act, the Motor Vehicle Registration Act, the Motor Vehicle Operator’s License Act, and the International Fuel Tax Agreement Act Support


LB931 Hunt Change provisions relating to disqualification for benefits under the Employment Security Law Oppose


LB935 Bostar Adopt the County Minimum Wage Option Act Oppose


LB1062 Albrecht Change provisions relating to compensation for total disability under the Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Act Support


LB1167 Flood Appropriate federal funds to the Department of Economic Development for internships and expanding and retaining Nebraska’s workforce Support


LB1257 Bostar Appropriate federal funds to the Department of Transportation for grants for electric vehicle direct-current fast charging stations Oppose


LB1264 McDonnell Change provisions relating to inheritance taxes, sales and use taxes, and income taxes Support


LB1274 Flood Require the Department of Transportation to plan, design, and purchase rights-of-way for U.S. Highway 81 and Nebraska Highway 20 Support


LB1275 Groene Adopt the Medical Cannabis Act Oppose