Nebraska Vaccine Effort Requires Data by Trucking Industry

The Nebraska National Guard said that help from the Nebraska Trucking Association is making a major impact on the effort to gather data for upcoming vaccine distributions.

“Responses from Nebraska’s trucking community has been overwhelming. We have a lot of data to process and we’re going to be much more successful with the vaccine distribution as a result.  Nebraska Trucking Association efforts have been instrumental in getting us the information we need and is truly appreciated!”

-Lt. Col. Fred Phelan, Nebraska Air National Guard Director Logistics, Plans & Exercises

Let’s get it done!

Thank you for taking the time to speak with the Nebraska National Guard as we assist the Department of Health and Human Services to gather information relevant to Phase 1B of the Covid-19 vaccination plan. Please use the enclosed Excel Documents to provide the following information to determine the number of COVID-19 vaccines that should be distributed to your organization. When considering who is an essential worker, please consider the following questions:

  • If the entire state was in total shut down status, what is the absolute minimum staff you would need to still keep your organization “up and running”?
  • What positions does that number cover? (for example to keep the lights on in our service area, we need four technicians and two truck drivers)

2. EMAIL spreadsheet to: [email protected]
3. Subject line should be: “Call Tracker_Your Company Name”

Here’s an example of how your spreadsheet should look:

Please note that we are not collecting the names of individuals at this time. We are only aggregating total numbers by category. We appreciate your assistance and thank you for your desire to help keep Nebraska Safe. Further information can be found on the DHHS web address in the State of Nebraska COVID-19 Vaccination Plan, Updated 12/7/2020. Link: If you have any questions regarding the data we are here to help: E-mail: [email protected]  Phone: 531-530-7298

If you have drivers in another state, the guard said “If an employee lives in another state by will be doing deliveries, dock work, etc in Nebraska, we want to give them a chance to be vaccinated. In this case, you would submit two spreadsheets.  One for Nebraska residents and another for out-of-state residents.”  Also check the new CDC priorities from Transport Topics HERE.