January 2022 Driver of the Month
Gene Houchin from Midwest Express

February 17, 2022–The Nebraska Trucking Association is pleased to award their January 2022 Driver of the Month to Gene Houchin from Midwest Express, LLC!  Gene has been a commercial driver for Midwest Express for 5 years and a commercial truck driver for an impressive 48 years total. He has a career total of 6.5 million miles driven and counting.

Gene was nominated by the executive team at Midwest Express for his positive attitude and for always being a team player. No matter what the circumstance, he always goes above and beyond to help other people out. In one instance, Midwest Express had a driver with medical problems in the southeast part of the United States.  Without hesitation, he volunteered to fly to the location to finish the driver’s load, reload, and drove the rest of the driver’s planned stops.

“Gene is one of Midwest Express Driver Mentors, and always has a positive attitude,” said Scott Gronewoller, Safety Director for Midwest Express. “Gene looks for the positive in a negative situation and goes the extra mile to make sure the Team is taken care of.  If our operations team is looking for help, Gene doesn’t hesitate and will help get the job done. If there are mechanical problems on the road, Gene rolls with the punches. Gene is an Owner Operator, and he is always willing to go that extra mile­–he is not selfish,” said Scott.

Driver of the Month

Gene Houchin – Midwest Express and Kent Grisham, President and CEO – NTA

Each year, Gene consistently receives safety awards within Midwest Express and takes safety on the road very seriously. “Gene has not had an accident, citation, or warning in years. Gene is always courteous to others including law enforcement, other drivers, and never misses an opportunity to make someone smile.  He helps other drivers that might have mechanical problems, other motorists, and he wants good for everyone,” said Scott.

When joining the Midwest Express team five years ago, Gene instantly felt appreciated and respected in their family-oriented environment. “Midwest Express is all family. They are wonderful people to work with. We care for each other, joke with each other, and just all the way a super company. I am just grateful to be a part of this team,” said Gene. “I am very honored to receive this award as it did surprise me. It gives you a heck of feeling and it means so much to me. It actually is hard to put into words. I am just so thankful.”

In his spare time, Gene loves helping others, church, cooking, and spending time with his family. Gene attributes his driving career success to his wife Mariam, his two sons and three grandsons, the people he works with, and the many friends he has met along the way.

“It’s just been a fun ride this whole time and the one I owe everything the most to is my wife Mariam. We have lived a wonderful life with many adventures and caring for our family. I feel very blessed and enjoy making people smile every day,” said Gene.

Gene and his wife were presented with their Driver of the Month award in Grand Island, NE by the Nebraska State Patrol and the Nebraska Trucking Association on February 17th and will also be at the award ceremony in Las Vegas, NV on March 19th, 2022.

Gene was selected from a group of professional drivers nominated by their company officials. Driver of the Month recognition is based on a driver’s exceptional safe driving record and professionalism in and out of the transportation industry. This award is issued each month by the Nebraska Trucking Association’s Safety Management Council in conjunction with Nebraska State Patrol Carrier Enforcement.

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