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How to Share the Road Safely

There are several areas around trucks and buses where accidents are more likely to happen. Some are blind spots where your car “disappears” from the view of the truck or bus driver. If you avoid these “No-Zones,” everyone is safer.

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Side blind spots

There are big blind spots on either side of trucks. If you can’t see the truck driver’s reflection in his or her side view mirror, then the driver can’t see you. If the driver needs to change lanes and he or she can’t see you, you could be in trouble.

Rear blind spots

Trucks and buses have huge blind spots directly behind them. A truck driver can’t see you back there, and you can’t see what’s going on ahead of you. If the truck brakes suddenly, you have no place to go.

Front “No-Zones”

Don’t cut in right after you pass a truck. Wait until you can see the whole front of the truck in your rear-view mirror. Trucks need nearly twice the time and room to stop as cars do. If you cut in and slow down, you’re at risk.

Backing-up “No-Zones”

Never cross behind a truck that is backing up. Hundreds of car drivers and pedestrians are killed each year when they ignore trucks that are backing up. The truck driver can’t see you cut in behind.

Avoid the squeeze play

To safely make some right turns, trucks must swing wide to the left first. The truck driver can’t see you if you try to squeeze by on the right in a hurry. Watch for a truck’s turn signals and give the trucker room to turn.

And please, always

  • Wear your safety belt
  • Hang up and drive
  • Stop texting and drive

Learn more about sharing the road safely by visiting the American Trucking Associations’ website at

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