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Truck Services Inc 

We provide registration, licensing, tax reporting, title work and related services to commercial truck companies. Operating a truck, especially in multiple states places you under the jurisdiction of several state and federal tax and compliance authorities. If you are new to trucking, we’ll help you get everything done right the first time.

Titles & Plates

Done with DMV lines??  Your TSI Specialist will assist you with titles and plates and renewals.

IFTA Filing

Reporting fuel taxes can get tricky as you cross state lines. Count on a TSI Specialist to sort your mileage and fuel receipts to ensure you meet your state’s requirements.

Federal and state compliance

Trucking companies have a long list of complex compliance duties.  TSI lightens the load with USDOT registration, 2290 forms, UCR, MSC-150 updates, permits IRP, state operating authorities and more.


Professional truck drivers must maintain compliance to operate their rig. TSI helps with driver qualification files. Also, to maintain FMCSA drug and alcohol compliance TSI helps you walk through Clearinghouse regulations.

Just getting started?

So you have an eye on your own truck and you’re ready to make some money.  Starting a new trucking company is more complicated than many expect. An initial consultation with TSI Specialists will reveals some critical steps you need to take early in the process. TSI can accommodate Spanish speaking entrepreneurs as well as English.

CSA Monitoring

Safe operations is good for you and your family. A sound safety record also keeps your insurance costs lower. Things happen on the road and we’ll be there to keep you trucking with as little down time as possible. Truck Services Inc offers comprehensive safety and compliance services to help you maintain a safe operation.

Happy Customers

“I need help getting started. Truck Services takes care of you. They’re doing all the paperwork wiht IFTA, licensing…the whole ball of wax. They were with me right from the start.”

Nathan Wentworth, Owner-Operator

“One of the reasons I got into trucking was to get away from desks and cubicles. I love the idea of pushing that work out of my life so I can enjoy more time on the road.  I really trust TSI”

Tonya Arthur, Professional Truck Driver

Happy Customers

Years in Business

Trucks tracked


Nebraska is the only place you’ll find a powerful combination like this. Truck Services Inc partners with the Nebraska Trucking Association’s network and benefits. While state association membership seems like a luxury for large carriers, small trucking companies benefit in big ways like…

Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance

By joining the Nebraska Trucking Association, you’ll have access to an association health plan. There’s strength in numbers and the NTA Health Plan has already made health insurance a better deal for truckers across the state.

Advice & News

With NTA membership you are one cel phone call away from our Safety and Training Manager Barb Aude.  Barb has served 30 years with the Nebraska State Patrol and literally help write the book on trucking rules for Nebraska. When the chips are down, you’ll want Barb on speed dial. You’ll also get traffic and regulation alerts, a magazine and more geared towards trucking in Nebraska.

Build a network

More than 800 trucking companies in Nebraska count on the Nebraska Trucking Association for attention in the NTA directory. They enjoy events, golfing, trap shooting and more. The NTA pulls great speakers focused on best practices for trucking and safety.

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