NTA Driver Challenge Practice

Dear Competitor,

As we get closer to the Nebraska State Driver Challenge, we suggest you get familiar with the Kahoot platform which will be used for the Nebraska challenge and ATA’s national competition.  This is a new format for both NTA and ATA.  Walk through the practice quiz below to get registered with Kahoot and to get used to the different types of questions.  Remember that audio and video questions may be used so turn up your volume.

More information will come before the state competition including login information.

If you signed up your driver, please send this email to them and please send the driver’s email to [email protected] .

NTA Driver Challenge contestants can get familiar with the test platform for our upcoming NTA Driver Challenge 2021.  Follow these instructions for a practice quiz.

  1. Download the Kahoot app on your phone
  2. Hit the “Enter PIN” icon on the bottom
  3. Enter this number: 06472453
  4. Play!  It’s only a few questions, practice quiz ends July 30. State competition is July 31


  • 7-31-21 – Nebraska State Competition
  • 8-11-21 to 8-13-21 – ATA Prize Rounds
  • 8-14-21 – ATA Grand Championships

Questions from Contestants


What time will the test be?

All states begin at the same time.  Nebraska will gather for a quick Zoom intro July 31 at 5:45 p.m.  CENTRAL TIME ZONE.  The online Kahoot test opens at 6 p.m.

Virtual Zoom Meeting – Can I do this on a laptop and the rest on my phone?

An invitiation to the Zoom meeting will arrive to competitors soon.  The purpose of this short 15 minute meeting is to welcome competitors and to annnounce the PIN number for competition. The competition will be held on Kahoot just like the practice described on this page.  Just to be safe, we’ll also email the PIN to competitors about the same time we announce it.

Do I need volume to do the test? 

Yep!  Some of the questions may include audio and video so remember to leave volume on.  Kahoot includes some background music which might be a bit annoying, so consider wearing headphones for better control.

Where is the practice test?

You’ll find a practice test right on this page, look left or scroll around.  Your association is doing its best to inform drivers that taking a practice test BEFORE competition is critical since technical assistance will not be available during the test.

Any input on the questions?

As with any test, take the time to read the entire question before answering and pressing next button for the next qustion.

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